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Originally Posted by talvai View Post
yes and no. They can't tell its AP but they do see a flash date. If you have an issue, flash car to stock and bring it in and they see that it was flashed a few days ago it make them wonder. Some dealerships are easier going than others so depends on how they are I guess if they care.
There is a lot of rumour and concern about this issue and the bottom line is that we have never found this to be true. There is no stored data in the Subaru ECU that the dealer can see to show that the ECU was ever flashed. There is no "black box" or recorder that the dealer can look at and say "AHA! You have a flash!". We have been inside these ECUs probably more than most folks and we just cannot find any evidence for this at all. I have a feeling this is something that some service writers tell people who purchase these cars as a sort of boogy man. You should use your AccessPORT with confidence and if you uninstall the AccessPORT your ECU is back to 100% stock.

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