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Originally Posted by prezarevo View Post
I just started a thread on why my head gaskets keep failing. I went through two motors in two days. I personally believe it's because I reused the bolts.
No. This is why:

Originally Posted by prezarevo View Post
I'm curious to see what people think about this. I put together TWO motors. The first one a 2.5 D block with 2.5 1 heads. I used ebay "eristic" MLS head gaskets, no copper spray, and reused the head bolts. Both the head and block surfaces were cleaned with a quick skim of a scotch brite wheel. I torqued the bolts in the pattern as sugested. The second motor was another 2.5 D block with 2.5 3 heads. I used Felpro MLS gaskets. I forget what thickness they were but they were pretty thick. I did use the copper spray this time. Both the heads and block surfaces were skimmed with the wheel as well.
My headgaskets only failed once, and it was because they were the crap original coated ones. replaced them with OEM MLS gaskets and didn't have a problem, even after not checking straightness and re-using the bolts. Only reason it came apart again is because of a spun bearing.
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