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Originally Posted by Shewillbemine View Post
This is a common sentiment when a study's findings do not agree with our personal opinion. Pretty sure if the report said WRXs are "highly reliable" everyone would be espousing the high build quality of Subaru.

Just because it doesn't agree with your own feelings doesn't mean a report is "BS".
Lets face it consumer reports doesn't test ****. This is not that its because a car I own got a poor rating. This is a company that gather what little information is out there from peoples opinions, etc doesn't question or do any investigation of their own and then announces it out like its facts. Why doesn't show the studys they did? Where are the facts that prove that wrx is more unreliable? What reason were they? What were the average cost of those extra relibility issues? How did they test to get those answers? Did you test the car on all types of surfaces and conditions?

No detailied information=complete BS. I call all those car and driver/motortrend reviews BS too. I use to receive free subsciption to car and driver and clearly remember 1 month they compared a 06 wrx to speed3. They said how the speed3 was much much faster than the wrx, that it was best bang for buck and wrx was old garbage pretty much. Posted the 0-60, 1/4mile etc to prove it. Ok I said whatever no biggie, however 3-4months later they compared the wrx, speed3 and few others and this time for some reason now the wrx was much much faster than the speed3. So how does the same cars get different results? Easy different driver in it however now which numbers do people believe? Speed3 or wrx? Now in all honestly don't give 2 ****s which one is faster but now you have readers who either believe speed3 or wrx are slow. Since majority of people in this country are just zombies and believe everything they read they never bother to question how do they get the results.
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