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Default Track Car Project from the UK

Hi All,

Having been a member here for a year now I thought it was about time I started a project thread and show you guys in the US what I'm up to over here in the UK.
First I have to say a big thanks to Nick (Moderator) for allowing me to post up my project thread on the forum.
The story begins.......
I had a friend over here in the UK who built race cars for a living and also competed in his own car that he built. I'd always been into modifying cars but up until that point it was mainly cosmetically with the odd air filter and exhaust system thrown in. The more I went to watch him race the more I got into the whole racing scene. Then for some strange reason I thought it would be a great idea to build my own race car. That was back in late 2008. Since March 2009 when I bought my shell and engine I have spent the last 2 years buying parts and getting ready to begin my build.
Whats funny is that when I started on this journey I didn't even know what an intercooler was, nor a piston, a manifold etc etc. To make things even funnier, to this date I still haven't driven anything faster than my current road car which is a Peugeot 206 GTI. Obviously its been a very steep learning curve and to be honest I had no idea what I was getting myself into. The cost, time, emotion and energy that goes into building one of these machines is unbelievable.
Luckily I have been fortunate enough to meet some very nice people along the way who have helped with advice and support and made the journey a lot more enjoyable and also a lot easier for a novice like me.
The base car I bought was a 1999 STI RA that was previously owned by a guy that turned it into a track car and competed in the UK Time Attack series. It came as a rolling shell with a fully welded in T45 cage, fully stripped out and seam welded. Now I'm the type of person that once embarked on a project/hobby, I like to do it to the best of my ability. While realistically I cannot actually afford a project like this, as you will see, I have really left no stone unturned and have gone full out on this project. If I was going to do it then I wanted to do it well, and if I was going to be building a race car, I wanted a race car that could be competetive. Thats just me.

Hope you enjoy my little project.

Here are some pictures of the shell and how it looked when I bought it. It belonged to a guy who use to compete in Time Attack UK.

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