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To make the story short.

I'm in the right lane that will be turn only/ u-turn lane up ahead. Ass hole behind me and some car to the left of me in the left lane. The dick head from behind gets in to the 3rd lane passes the car next to me, cuts off that car then cuts me of right at a turn.

I'm like WTF man not cool at all, there was ,no joking, a inch or less form me hitting him. Now i'm a relaxed person but that was just a WTF moment right there. So now i'm behind him in a one lane road flipping him off. He doesn't like that so he slams the brakes, but i know that trick way to well so i keep my distance while still flipping him off.


The dick head stops the car at a green light opens the door and starts charging at me. Screaming and cussign like crazy that I'M the ass hole b/c i did not let him through and that why am i flipping him off. So we have a change off words F you F me F your state, mean while cars start collecting behind me. After he vented like a rhino, he gets back in the car and drives off.

Guess what state he is from? I'll give you a hint, Snooki Want Smoosh Smoosh
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