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Originally Posted by ecapox View Post
Bill, you said that you have not seen code in the ECU that would show log the number of flashes. Can you tell us what years, or ECUs, you are basing this on? I would believe that you guys have good knowledge of what goes on in our ECUs, so if something was there, you'd notice it.
There's over 250,000 lines of code in a modern Subaru ECU, so it is difficult to say anything definitively. We suspect that there may be a flash counter of sorts in most 08+ Subarus as we've found ROMs submitted from different cars of the same model/year/etc. (and same ROM version) where a few bytes are different (in the past, there would not be any difference). We haven't spent any time investigated this as even if it is a flash counter, it would be irrelevant as it is stored in the ROM and the AccessPORT v2 backs up the original ROM when you marry and flashes that back on when you unmarry. I also have not heard about any dealer function relating to a flash counter. Regardless, it is not an issue with our product.

Again, it is difficult to say anything with certainty regarding a current/future flash counter especially when you are dealing with the later CAN vehicles. You would literally have to purchase every new Subaru every year and tear it apart spending hundred of hours reverse engineering every module in the car. Subaru could be very sneaky in implementing this type of functionality if they wanted to.

You can be sure that if Subaru did implement a flash counter and a dealer denied someone's warranty based on it, you would hear about it very quickly (especially on Nasioc). To date that has never happened. We would also argue that our off-the-shelf maps are safer in the later model Subarus where the OEM tune holds the car in closed loop well into boost.

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