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well how many people replace a blown turbo that still works great? quite a few. its the posts that people like me put up and it first starts with a blown turbo then an engine.

i can tell you what happened to me and the mistakes i made, make sure your boost controller vacuum hoses are in good order, pushing 19psi on mine with bad hoses ended up with a snapped turbo shaft filling the engine full of metal shavings, then after two engine flushes, two oil changes, engine finally failed.

i would first look for metal shavings on the dipstick, drain the oil too and strain it though a paper mask or something and look for glitter type shavings, mine was copper/goldish color which is babbit which = bearings being shaved down from all the metal going through the oil system.

just because your turbo failed does not mean your engine is toast! just do some good doctoring and inspect everything.

if you find zero shavings on the oil, change it anyway, replace turbo and vacuum lines since you have an 04. clean your i/c just incase some shavings from the turbo went down your i/c and are lodged in the i/c.

i wish they made a high flow filter on the turbo oil return that would catch everything before entering the oil pan.

i have a TON of pics of what the engine looked like on the inside after running it with shavings in the engine, it lasted about 500 miles but it was a gamble i was making that i did not win, it ended up trashing the ENTIRE engine, heads are junk since they are all scared up, cams are scared up, crank and rods and totally junk, oil cooler-chunk it, turbo was is prob junk as well but i have not taken it apart but more than likely shavings went down that too since i already had the filters taken out of the avcs and the turbo, only salvegable item was the block which still had great crosshatching still in the cylinder and the pistons looked pretty good for 90k imho.

let us know what you find, hopefully it is not catastrophic.
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