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Originally Posted by Izero View Post
lol I had something similar happen cept; we were goin at like 70 mph, and he passes me over a double yellow line, so I honked at him b/c he almost hit me when he came back into my lane and almost hit on-coming traffic, so I flipped him off and felt the brake check coming, and when he slammed on his brakes I had already downshifted and passed his @$$ on the shoulder just to avoid hitting him... well the big tractor trailer behind me wasn't so lucky...

So I pull over and come to a quick stop and the guy gets out kicking and screaming at the truck driver... like it's the truck driver's fault, and then after kicking the truck a few times and cursing like a mad man... he turns to me and realizes I'm out of my car in my trunk (getting my first aid kit), so he comes storming, and I mean legit running at me screaming "you [insert long string of curses]" so I hear him and look and see him running at me so I pull out a 18" long open ended wrench that I just happened to have in my trunk at the time and pointed it at him and said "If you take one more step towards me or open your mouth even ONE MORE TIME, I'm gonna beat you within an inch of your life and have the truck driver help me throw you through your windshield feet first so it looks like an accident! SHUT the F*&K UP and get back in your car!"

As soon as he saw that wrench it immediately stopped dead in his tracks and put his hands up like I was gonna rob him... and after my lil "motivational" speech he got back in his car and didn't get out till the cops got there..

I gave the truck driver an ice pack for his chest (seatbelt) and we got the story straight b/c he saw what the guy did too. Then when the cops got there we both told him what happened and he cited the guy for the following: Wreckless Driving, Improper/Illegal Passing, Speeding, Attempted Assault with a Motor Vehicle (attempted on me), Assault with a Vehicle (on the truck driver), Purposeful Property Damage (Bunch of Dents on the Side of the Truck the size of his foot), and finally Attempted Assault (when he ran at me).

They arrested him, impounded his car, and best part was that the responding officer was a family friend. This went to court and the only thing that they dismissed was the Assault with a Motor Vehicle. The rest of the charges stuck, b/c (get this) the guy that he almost hit head on was an off-duty officer who turned around b/c he saw the brake smoke. I got a call to appear as a witness and the guy was staring at me like I ruined his life... he didn't do any jail-time but he was paying fines upwards of $20,000 (and w/e else he got sued for prolly), lost his car (which was a S-Class Benz), had to goto mandatory anger management classes for I forget how long, and they suspended his D/L for 6 months pending the outcome of his anger management classes.

the court wanted me to give my address as a witness, I was like "hell NO!" lol

That's the best story I have.... by far.... Justice Served...

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