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Originally Posted by supermoose View Post
Mike runs a EJ20G in his own car. i drove his car last month - hes got the 96 WRX EJ20G bone stock everything. TD05, cast pistons with HLA, Stock cat in downpipe with no muffler (double resonators). probably makes about 280 crank ps.

Comparing his car with my best friends 235 dynopac AWHP Ej205 (stock TD04, no cats, ecutech tune), the tuned EJ205 is faster. more responsive, better top end (6K+) etc. spools quicker etc.

Mikes car passes emmissions in Cali. a JDM EJ20G passes CALI SMOG. enough said about that.

his motor setup is bone stock. You can buy an entire front clip with the awesome 4.11 gear ratio gearbox for less than $2500 bucks. ive bought 2.

a EJ205 dropout with harness and trans intact should cost $2500. we all know that a tune setup shoudl cost $1500-2000. (full exhaust+ dyno time)

play the numbers. which is a better deal for the money?

when refering to G motors let's talk WRX only. im not intersted in a pos legacy 220 ps motor with a VF10. we're talking about a front cut of a 94-96 JDM wrx car, minimum power is 260 stock and they have closed decks.

perhaps im lucky, the first clip i got was a sti version 1 with 8.5:1 forged pistons (in my friends car - gearbox was in mine - for sale now), Currently a Sti-RA version 2 v-limited is sitting in my garage with EJ20G 8.5:1 forged with mechanical valvetrain like the later K motors.

Freak luck i suppose :P

Powerlabs has the later EJ20K motor in his car with the nicer heads. more raars for him.

the argument is $2500 vs $4000-4500. Of course the ej205 for $4000 has its benefits, but its just too much money to put my vote there. is a $4000 EJ205 faster than a $2500 EJ20G?? of course. but you are still suck with the total ****e 3.9 gearbox ratios for the USDM. THAT is undisputed.

obviously for big power you want a EJ207. when i have 8K to trash, ill sign up for the version 8 longblock. they are quite the nice.

EJ20K is a good motor too, ssteve - ill be hard pressed to be even close to yours with my OG RA, but im guessing you paid a pretty penny for your clip - $4K ++ right?
Ive been looking everywhere for a front clip under 2500. Please if you happen to come accross one will you IM me!?! Im trying to get my swap ta goin but workin on a budget tends to slow shyt down..haha.. i have about $4k to work with. Most important thing to me is that i do everything right the first time even if it takes longer ya know!?!
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