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OK buy Nates beans


Originally Posted by Incubus04 View Post
So heres What i did and what my outcome was....

First i threw in some fresh oil and a new filter, idled it for about 15 min, drained and then replaced the turbo. Also replaced any lines that looked bad.

I then removed the AVCS solenoids and soaked them in WD-40. When i shook them to see if the spring and mechanism inside the solenoid worked properly, a good amount of sludge came out. So i repeated, Shake then soak shake then soak.

Bolted everything back together, changed the oil three more times with new oil filters each time. Primed the turbo and started her up, been about 100 miles and no codes have apeared and she seems to be running better than before.

O i also flushed the coolant, Without the Conditioner (suby dealer told me that you shouldnt use it with the STI ). Thanks again to everyone

keep us posted on this one....
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