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this random kid in one of my lectures keeps trying to tell me that he knows cars, since he see's that i'm always on nasioc one day he sat next to me and we go into discussing cars and he asks me what i drive.

goes something like this:
him-so what do you drive?
me- an sti sedan
him-what a waste of money should have gotten a wrx
me- and you say this why?
him- they are faster for cheaper(he then tried to tell me that an sti has the same drivetrain as a wrx..5speed and all)

at this point it was a lost cause, and i was just having a blast talking to this retard. i brought up the fact that i'm saving up for coilovers. he goes, don't waste your money just cut the springs. it's the same thing.

as soon as i he told me that brilliant advice i asked what he drives... and *drumroll please*

he drives and i quote exactly what he said "i'm in a crx, it's sleeper i'll walk all over your sti." so i asked what he has done. he said that he already cut his springs and just put in a catback and an intake an is waiting for his racing seats to come in i made a point to never sit next to this moron again
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