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Default Hey Ellis!:)

Guess what. I went about removing all of the extra (silver U shaped) door handle brackets tonight. While I was doing that I peeked inside the rear doors. I ended up finding big, heavy, black brackets for the rear (exterior) door handles. They are inside the rear part of the rear doors. You have to remove the screws from the lock assembly to get to one of the bolts, but it is really easy. I think they are there for theft protection because the lock is so close to the handle. The front doors don't use them, so I don't think they are there for structural reasons. The doors are still solid.

1. Remove door card.
2. Peel back plastic from top-rear of door.
3. Remove 3 silver screws from lock. These have red threadlock on them.
4. Remove bolt/screw on 'tail' of lock.
5. With nutdriver, remove 10mm bolts from door handle. There's one front and one rear bolt. DO NOT DROP.
6. Use magnet to remove drop bolts from inner door.
7. With 10mm wrench, remove last remaining nut for the big, black, useless doorhandle bracket.
8. Put crap all back together and go eat pizza.

EDIT: If you need to move the window up, the door switch has to be plugged in.

Disclaimer: This mod will make your car break/pollute/crash/explode/get stolen. It will be my fault because I told you how to unscrew something. Lefty loosey.
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