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Originally Posted by mowgli29 View Post
Maybe I'm taking your statement the wrong way, but it seems rather arrogant and bit ignorant. Take a second and think about it...

Personally, I wanted a halfway decent LSD in the rear, but I didn't want to have to run Brembos.

Yes, I realize a person could use the FHI rear 2 pots and group n "gravel rotors," but either way, that's added expense. Stock brake pads and rotors are WAY cheaper than Brembo stuff. In addition, you (generally) can't run smaller than a 17" wheel with Brembos, which = FAIL for those who rally. I know I have no desire to shell out the cash for 17" snow tires, either; my 16" blizzaks have plenty of life left.

Brembos also add weight, which is stupid if a person doesn't need/want the braking capabilities of the Brembos.

Lastly, I'm not concerned about the axles breaking. I don't drive hard enough to break them, at least not any time soon.

It's my DD; I want to keep maintenance costs low, keep it reliable, but have some fun with it too. Its all about compromises, and for some people, hybrid axles fit the bill.
Cool solution! could of used that last year but I'm pretty sure brembo's are lighter than 02-05 wrx calipers.
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