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Originally Posted by hystikal View Post
I keep coming back to this thread cause I now realize how bad this stuff can be for you if you're not doing it correctly, and I want to help prevent mishaps. I'm basically in the same boat with bacdoc--I've got shoulder impingement from those idiotic butterfly kipping pullups.

What you're doing wrong is using way too much weight. If I'm not mistaken, you're starting this stuff new, and if anything at the very least, you shoud be doing these with an empty women's barbell (25# IIRC). The olympic lifts are complex enough, but when the morons doing the programming start doing things like 50-60 snatches or behind the neck jerks, coupled with other movements, then of course your form (which is not there to begin with, I guarantee you) will break down. If you look at all the main site videos, there's really not much form to talk about. This is people's main contention with CF--you're taking very complex movements and then having people do them to failure. Not a good idea.

Anyway, drop the amount of weight. Find someone who knows how to teach those movements and go from there.
While I agree with your points, I don't think the complexity of the movement is what caused my wrist pain. Maybe had I been doing it with a pvc pipe I wouldn't have hurt, but I think any amount of weight, even down to the 30# bar would have caused wrist discomfort. I'm simply not used to having any weight on my wrists in that position. Or any position, really, considering most things I do I likely stack the bones so my wrist is caring any of the weight.
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