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Default DIY Adjustable Full Pillow Ball Lateral Links


After conversations with others we have decided the rod end adjustment is not the best design, thanks storm. Here is a pic of my version 2 lateral link which still has adjustment on the ends but once installed you will use the center adjuster to solve the sub frame clearance issue.

It was also brought up that the aluminum rod ends may not be strong enough and that zinc plated steel ones would be ideal and still do well in aspect of corrosion which was one of the reasons I used aluminum in the first place the other being weight.

RED = Rod End
ORANGE = Jam nut
PINK = Double adjuster
YELLOW = Suspension Tube

By kojakwrx at 2011-04-20

It uses 2 AHT12-6.00 shafts for each link with a WM40A stainless steel double adjuster in the center. If you cut 3/8" from the outside of each complete lateral link and adjust to the shortest adjustment you will have a 15-3/4" long lateral link which should be good for GC8's. It can then be adjusted with the center adjuster all the way out to 16-7/8" long which covers every lateral link size from GC8 to STi.

However this setup costs a little more then version 1 at $643.35 with all nuts and bolts. I figured it up and if I bought enough components for 3 sets then It would reduce the price down to $470 a set. At 6 it would be $452 each.


Here is the setup I am looking into making, check it out and let me know what you think. Definitely a lot cheaper then comparable setups and you get to make it yourself.

For the GC8 & WRX 405mm link (99 Foz & 05 RS) 15.75"-16.5" adjustable you will:
-Cut 1-5/16" from each end of the AHT12-15.00

For the GD STi 415mm link(Verified on IWSTI) 15.83-16.83" adjustable you will:
-Cut 1.143" from each end of the AHT12-15.00

This assumes the following measurements:
-0.560" bolt holes on all rod ends ( Check me on this, but can be adjusted easily with different insert )
-Use 14x55mm Bolts on inside bolts

Things I need to know:
-Size of Bolt that holds outsides of links to knuckle

I am no way affiliated with any of the companies used below, just giving out some information I found.

4 -ATM-12_____________3/4-16 RHT 7075 Anodized Red Aluminum Rod End Teflon Lining_______________________________Midwest Control Products _______$18.36_______$73.44
4 -ATML-12___________ 3/4-16 LHT 7075 Anodized Red Aluminum Rod End Teflon Lining________________________________Midwest Control Products_______$20.97_______$83.88
4 -AHT12-15.00_______ 3/4-16 6061 Aluminum 1" Hexagon with RHT / LHT Tapped Ends (Cut 1-5/16" from each End)_____Midwest Control Products _______$11.35 _______$45.40
16 -MCW-12 __________3/4" Zinc Plated Steel Rod End Washer __________________________________________________ _____Midwest Control Products _______$1.71 _______$27.36
16 -RS750____________ 3/4" Rod End Rubber Boot______________________________________________ _____________________Midwest Control Products _______$1.66 _______$26.56
1 -99612A164_________ 3/4-16 x 27/64 Wide LHT Zinc Plated Jam Nut (Pack of 10)_____________________________________McMaster-Carr _________________$11.11 ______$11.11
1 -91847A555_________ 3/4-16 x 27/64 Wide RHT Zinc Plated Jam Nut (Pack of 20)_____________________________________McMaster-Carr ________________$8.09 ________$8.09
1 -1968T852__________ 3/4" OD 0.56" ID x 36" Long 2024 Aluminum Tube (Cut to 1.55" Long for each Rod End)_________McMaster-Carr ________________$45.19_______$45.19
1-____________________ Poltec Endlink Boxes w/ endlinks__________________________________________ ____________________Poltec_______________________ $169.00 _____ $169.00

Total $490.03

By kojakwrx at 2011-04-15
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