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2011 WRX

Default 2011 WRX Blinker Issue: Fix

As many who have gotten the 2011 Subaru WRX, you've probably experienced the dreaded "fast blinker" on the front right headlamp. There has been a lot of speculation on what it could be, from: bad bulb, loose bulb, bad wiring harness, short wires, pinched wires, etc.

I've searched high and low on the Internet for a fix. Is it a major issue? No. Annoying for a new car? Yes. I could take it to a dealer since it's new and under warranty still. But when I asked my local dealer about it, they seemed clueless.

So before heading to another dealer further away, I thought I'd inspect it myself. I did have another member send me what they did, but when I tore out my air box, my car was nowhere close to what he described (which seems really, really odd).

Anyways, here is what I did. It's currently fixed, and has lasted all day. If it comes back, I'll go to a dealer. But it took me all of 10 minutes with limited tools and seems like it could help, which I've found, was pinched wires and tension.
Tools Needed: Flathead screw driver, socket wrench, long extension, 10mm socket

Step 1: Remove air box scoop. Really easy, just untwist the two plastic screws and pop them out. While you're at it, remove the wired connection from the air box and also untighten the hose clamp on the air hose.

Step 2: Using long extension, unscrew on of two bolts holding down the air box

(Here is a picture of what you need to unscrew)

Step 3: Pull off the rear of the air box and filter (Just use a strong pull, as it's a tight fit).

Step 4: Once all you have is the front of the air box, look inside, and again with the extension, take last nut off from the inside. Then pull out rest of the box.

Step 5:
This is what you should see after you detach the blinker bulb from the back of the headlight. I've made the wire read so you can see it clearer. My wire was obviously pinched and didn't have enough slack (where the wire goes through the metal opening)

Step 6:
Run hand with the wire and unclip/unhold (not really clipped, just holding) it from the plastic clips on the headlight.

Step 7:
You should have a lot more slack and see that where the wires were pinched, it's not so much anymore.

Step 8: Put back in air box and check blinker.


Conclusion, the correct fix would be to re-run the wire without it going through that opening, but it's impossible to pass the blinker bulb housing through the metal opening where the wire runs. I hope this quick fix lasts.

Good Luck!
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