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thanks for the pic with the cf scoop. that will definately help me make a decision.

Now... Time for the full DIY

Disclamer: what you choose to do to your car is your choice and responsibility. I am not responsible for any failures deriving from this DIY. I am in no way claiming this to be the best method it is just the method i used. I played this mod by ear because as Millhouse pointed out noone has done a writeup yet. therefore it is likely that there are other methods of doing it but this works for me and im happy with the result. If you do find another way post it in this thread so we can keep all the info in one area.

first step is getting the grill off. i dont wanna cover it so just watch this vid. you can take it off without popping the bumper off its just awkward. that being said taking the bumper off is pretty damn awkward as well.

getting the mesh to fit and mount properly was really time consuming but i found that its easier if you trim the bottom of the old backing peice/mesh off entirely. it gives more room for the mesh to sit between the back of the bottom peice and the car.

then i used a dremel and trimmed the back edges of the chrome peice to remove all the little tabs (NOT screwholes or the big tabs) so the mesh would sit flush against the bottom. then i cut down the bottom back edge of the black piece to create a uniform width all the way across.

before pic

no after pic but I trimmed both ends to make it an even width all the way across. personally like having the top of the mesh sitting farther back then the bottom but if you want a more flush look you can trim down the top more.

Next thing I did was to bend the full sheet of aluminum to match the bends of the grill. and clipped holes in the mesh to fit the screw holes and big tabs.

TIP: i found that you can secure the mesh temporarily by bending the clipped ends of aluminum under the screwholes. but the more you bend the ends the sooner theyl break off.

once i had the mesh in the position i wanted i used a dremel to cut away most of the eccess. later I learned it is much easier on the ears and your supply of cutting bits if you just use tin snips and bend each clipped end back and forth with pliers till they break off.

Then i bent all the edges of the mesh so that they would slip into the little gap inside the back of the chrome peice and on the corners of the black peice.once i got the fitment of the mesh to the grill nice i took it all apart and started painting. TAKE YOUR TIME WITH PAINT. make sure you sand and spray light coats. I f'd it up at the end doing a clearcoat and it took me another day of sanding and acetone to get back where I was before and you do not wanna do that. also I bailed on the clearcoat 2nd time around because i didnt want to screw up again and it made it too glossy.

I used duplicolor sandable primer on all the pieces (you could probs use cheaper stuff but i had some from painting my rims) and tremclad semigloss for the final coats.(i wouldnt use it again the nozel on their paint cans don't spray lightly and spray in a tight circle making it hard to get a nice even coat.) i used rustoleum flat black to black out the blue behind the grill.

Tip: i found that with the new mesh being much more seethrough the ugly ass horn behind the grill stood out like a sore thumb so i loosened it off and rotated it so its hidden behind the centerpost. it looks much better that way i encourage you to do the same

once I finished painting I did the 1/4 inch pinstrip so I could wrap the ends behind it to make look better and did the final bending of the edges to wrap around the plastic peices and that secured it surprisingly well though i made sure it was secure with zipties as well. I attached the zipties around the loop near the end of the cut up black peice. you'll see it near one of the screw holes used to attach the chrome piece. I dont have any pictures of the back of the finished grill but il take some when i pull the front bumper off to do the bottom grill

Overall I'd say this mod is a pain in the ass to do but if done correctly (and patiently) itl come out nice. I would definately encourage any DIYers or anyone on a tight budget to try this mod. itl save you 130 bucks and if it doesnt work you were probs gonna order the sport grill anyway.

FYI this is my first real DIY so this isnt just for those hardcore few who need everything to be homebuilt. This is also my first DIY writeup so if theres anything i missed or should include tell me and il see if i can get it in here and in future writeups.
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