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Its not quite like that. Its a rotary oil seal

very much like TC.(yes it the oem one has a spring inside) The problem I ran into was the one off the pump has a built in lip on the outside there. which is basically used to help keep dust/dirt out. Problem is no one around here stocked that exact design nor could they order it. Most typical seals like that for most stuff dont have such a big dust ring.

suby obviously doesnt carry it. i even tried some power steering rebuilders and they didnt have it either.Im sure something online can probably be found but I didnt have that kind of I made an executive decision to pick up an oil seal with similar design but it doesnt have the dust shield.

the oem bushing spec 9.3 x 20x32
but that 9.3 is with that dust shield. the actual seal is only 7mm.

So i picked up a 7mm x 20 x32 tc rotary oil seal. i then used a buna "washer" that was about 2.xx mm thick(32 OD and 25 ID) and I placed it on top of the seal to act as a make shift dust shield. Im pretty sure the bearing rests up against it.

thats what I did. time will tell if the seal holds up. if the dust thing is working or not. i obviously dont know. hopefully it is. if not its probably not the end of the world.
You can find regular ones and heavy duty ones...I just went with a regular one. they were $4.xx ea from where i got it. the heavy duty was about $13.xx ea.
I dont think there is much pressure in that part of the pump. It was a separate chamber that has a small hole leading up to the return line.

Though it may be worth getting the heavy duty one. I didnt. hopefully it doesnt bite me in the a55.

I have some pics Ill get up sometime this weekend.
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