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Default Low Oil presure causes

Normal oil pressure = ~25+ psi hot idle.

This oil change interval, hot idle pressure slowly dropped, 20 psi, 18 psi, 16 psi then one trip that included forgetting about the low OP and some high revs, it dropped to 8-10 psi hot idle.

Drove very gingerly home, changed the oil to be sure it wasn't something getting in the oil. Drove it around after oil change, still 8-10 psi hot idle. Other RPMs acting proportionally (low). Didn't rev it high enough to hit the bypass it was typically under 30 psi at 2700 RPM cruise in 5th.

I assumed it was oil pickup. I already had a pickup, ordered the 06+ pan conversion stuff when it was around 18-20 psi idle. Pulled the pan off yesterday and the pickup is fine, no crack. No bearing shavings in the pan. There were some bits of what seemed to be RTV stuck in the screen on the pickup tube, but it's likely those were from a little extra on the oil pan from the factory, it seemed to be the same kind of RTV... likely there since new. It was covering maybe 10% of the screen max, certainly not going to cause oil pressure issues.

Looking for other ideas of things to check out while I have things apart.


I do have an oil leak somewhere in the rear area of the passenger side, I assume this is unrelated, a leak would have to be LARGE to put this kind of dent in oil pressure. Pictures of leak area (rear side of passenger side head area, it's not the turbo oil return, can see that and it's clean.)

There is some stuff on the vertical surface on the back of the head that's pretty coated, like the banjo for the coolant line to the turbo. But, as mentioned, the oil return on the turbo is not leaking.
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