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Default How To Use the Stock USB Connector with Aftermarket Headunit

I searched the forums for a bit, and was only able to find information about using the AUX port with an aftermarket HU. I recently installed a Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD since I didn't want the navigation and I still wanted the larger touch screen. Much happier with the sound over the stock headunit. I am currently waiting on an amp kit so that I can install an amp and subwoofer.

So in the meantime I began prepping and decided I'd fix my issue with not having the usb port in my armrest anymore.

This was done on an '11 5-Door with non-nav base headunit. The USB Connector used is called a Key-A that connects to the rear of the OEM Headunit.

How To:

1: For removal of headunit follow the instructions in here:

2: For removal of center console follow the instructions in here:

If that link isn't allowed, then google "08 wrx Shifter Install"

3: From this point you can see that inside the arm rest runs a black wire. The wire is clipped to other wires heading in the same direction. I removed the wire from the interior of the car so I may work on it with more light.

When removing the wire there are two clips that are harder to get out.

This clip is inside the compartment that houses the headunit:

This clip is looking at the center console while under the glovebox. This one was the harder one to pull out, I used a needle nose pliers to compress the barbs:

Once removed I figured out what each wire stood for. I began by removing the female end from the OEM Radio and figuring out which pin was what. I'll just post the results of what I found, but if you want more information on how I got these feel free to ask. I found out that they were color coded by all standard colors for USB.

I cut the Male Key-A Adapter off of the factory wire. Unfortunately I only took pictures of how I began prepping the wires and a mostly finished shot. I will attempt to explain a little better what you will see in this picture.

Refer to the codes above for each of the wires meanings. The silver bundle on the left is the shielding that was wrapped around the twisted pairs. Main importance in this is you will have the exact same look from any of the other USB wires you use and hack apart to give a standard - A connector to this wire.

I soldered each of the wires together, Red-Red Green-Green etc. Although I tested each of those wires before doing this as well. Though that was purely precautionary on my part. Do not solder the shield bundle yet. In an ideal situation you are able to strip the wires at different lengths so there is no possible shorting that may occur. I did this but was a little paranoid so I wrapped a little electrical tape around each soldered connection, then around all of the wires as shown in the next picture.

As you can see in the above picture, I have taped all previous wires into a bundle and then taken the shielding wire and twisted it together. I then soldered these two together as well. Afterwards I used Heat Shrink Wrap and covered the entire joint. Make sure that you put the heat shrink on the wire before beginning your connections.

Final product shown here:

Feel free to ask for more information.

I tested this all before installing back into my car by plugging the end I just attached into my computer and plugging an iPod connector into the opposite end ( usb inside the arm rest ). All data functions worked, was able to view all files and the iPod reacted properly as to showing that it was connected.

Thanks for your time,

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