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As of right now here is the list from the release notes:

- Fixed issue when RPM / TIME smoothing caused dives in power and torque
- Fixed bug with time converter causing skewed graphs for some log types
- Fixed disposal issue with popup messages
- Fixed bug in HpTuner header trimming if edited and commas were inserted after [Data]
- Fixed bug with graph legend showing up half way up the graph
- Fixed bug with reading times in HH:mm:ss.fff format
- Fixed bug that would distort or smear the background image
- Fixed bug that caused run controls when loaded to partially load then finish loading
- Fixed discoloring issue of the smoothing dropdown items
- Added individual smoothing on each run
- Added the ability to select different profiles for each run
- Added update checking to see if there was a newer version of Virtual Dyno
- Added Print Preview, Page setup to the new print button on graph toolbar
- Added colored version bar to give visual of latest version
- Added Neptune log support
- Added eCTune log support
- Added Synvecs ECU log support
- Added VagCom log support
- Added DSM Link support to AEM section of column definitions due to identical column names
- Added column OMNIMAP for Evoscan logs
- Added error handling on save graph as image failure
- Added E114 to show failure of deleting previous update file
- Added 2008-2009 Pontiac G8 GT and GXP, 2010 Subaru Forester XT, 2010-2011 Camaro SS (L99)
- Added C5 Corvette Coupe and Z06, C6 Corvette Coupe and Z06, 94-99 Supra Turbo
- Added 2000-2005 Eclipse GT, 2004-2006 Pontiac GTO, 1997-2003 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
- Added 1997-2007 Silverado New Body Style and Classic, 2008-2010 Chevrolet Cobalt SS
- Added 2000-2004 Honda City, 1991-1998 Civic DX, 1995-2001 Acura Integra
- Added 1994-1999 Eagle Talon TSi, 1995-1999 Eagle Talon TSi
- Added right click menu to the main graph area
- Added colored bar to the run list for quick reference to what log type is loaded
- Added support for the new time format in Rom Raider
- Added more AFR columns for HPTuner logs
- Added run level profile selection via a context menu
- Added ability to toggle the visiblity of the legend
- Added a setting to allow users to adjust the line thickness on the graph
- Added menu items on graphs right click menu to allow data point and legend toggle
- Added menu items on graphs right click menu to allow smoothing from that menu
- Streamlined the profiles menu to be smoother during drawing
- Merged 04-05 Subaru STI data with 06 Subaru STI data since they were identical
- Modified car XML storage format to include year transmission type and submodel information
- Modified add/edit profile screen to reuse the RunControl
- Modified the car dropdown to include subfolders of make and model
- Modified the storage location of run data in memory to store rundata on each run control
- Modified the dropdowns on the Tire Size Calculator page to be read only
- Popup notification of success on printing graph and copying graph to clipboard
- Removed recalculation of graph data when showing data points
- Changed several menu icons to conform with current theme
- Dropdown for smoothing selection shows selected item highlighted
- Enabled hotkeys for some tasks
- Retitled graph to show the CF only when not using default settings
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