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Originally Posted by sxotty View Post
Why does it change anything? GM and Ford can do it. I am sure other companies will get it all sorted out eventually. Just b/c some manufacturers screw something up doesn't mean that it is impossible to do it right. And given examples of doing it right already exist it seems instead ire should be directed at the failure of companies to implement it instead of the concept in general.
I agree -- if you read the article, it points out that Ford's design with DI looked, well, really good:

At the Detroit Auto Show in January, Ford was confident enough about its popular 3.5 liter EcoBoost direct-injection V6 to have technicians tear down an example engine that had accumulated the equivalent of 160,000 miles through an intentionally abusive regimen of log dragging, high-speed towing and desert racing. When they opened it up before a live audience, they found some light carbon deposits on the valves and pistons, but not enough to affect performance. In fact, the engine showed a loss of just one horsepower afterwards – roughly what Boyadjiev’s RS 4 engine lost every 500 miles.
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