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Default Michelin Pilot Super Sport Review

#1.) what tire are you offering for review (please include size)
Michelin Pilot Super Sport - 215/45/17

#2.) what is your geographic location
Los Angeles, CA

#3.) what types of driving events if any (i.e. track, AutoX, RallyX)
None (for now)

#4.) percent of highway vs. city driving
75% Hwy / 25% City/Country roads

#5.) your review and personal comments
Um, wow! Just bought these 4 days ago and only have about 100 miles on them but will rack up a few more miles on a road trip up to Laguna Seca in about a week. So far even just driving around town with some freeway driving I can tell a huge quality difference from the Pirelli PZero Nero M+S's I had on for the past 3 or 4 years.

First off, here's my suspension setup since that will have some bearing on my experience and how you should reference what I'm talking about: Whiteline G4 Coilovers and Springs running low damper settings for daily use (2 front / 1 rear) and mid damper settings for spirited country driving (5 front / 3-5 rear). Group N rear tophats, and Whiteline adjustable front GroupN style tophats which increase castor a bit and am running a mild -1.5 neg camber setting front and about -2.0 in the rear with me in the car. I also have 22mm Perrin Sway Bars with Perrin spherical bearing endlinks f/r.

My initial impressions during break-in are as follows:
The Super Sport's seem very well behaved on grooved freeway surfaces at high speeds and seem to be highly resistant to tramlining in sections of freeway that my previous tires would squirm all over. Very comfortable and no noise or droning at all.

These are my first dedicated Max Performance Summer tire. My previous tires were Pirelli PZero Nero M+S's which were good (actually, really good) but ultimately I was a little disappointed with them.

My old Pirelli's nearly had me soil my pants the first time I took them on a long freeway drive while breaking them in. Was like someone else started steering the car! This was my biggest complaint about the Pirelli's. As they aged the tramlining lessened, but the car always felt a little "edgy" or squirmy at Hwy speeds on a grooved surface. Like I mentioned before, I haven't experienced any of that with the Super Sports.

Very nice ride around town. Not harsh and not squishy though the tread depth on these things seems pretty deep! I'm sure after they're broken in and in the coming months these things will be like riding on rails!

My old Pirelli's were surprisingly grippy and responsive out on country roads though I can tell these Michelin's are going to blow them away by comparison! And well they should, since they're summer tires, but the fact the Pirelli M+S's could run decently in this territory, does earn them some respect for what they were. Wish I was able to compare against the summer PZero's...

The Super Sports are still too new to go into to steering inputs and responsiveness, but in normal daily driving during break-in I seem to have a good connection with the road and have had loads of confidence with tight curves and freeway on/off-ramps with zero tire squeal so far. THey're not squishy or vague. I'd say they're "smooth" at this point and grip so well, you'll be surprised at the speed you're able to maintain going fairly deep into a tight corner without even pushing hard (and how much sooner you're able to roll on the throttle out of a turn with little effort and no squeel).

Haven't had a chance to compare their wet traction yet but that's a big topic for me, so I'll update this once I've had the opportunity. I've also owned Toyo Proxes 4's which I thought were absolutely magic in all manner of wet conditions, especially the heavy stuff! So I'm looking forward to seeing how these compare based on the amazing official review's I've read so far online.

I think we'll be seeing more very happy Super Sport owners on here fairly soon.

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