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Originally Posted by reid-o View Post
I dont think the new aero improves spool. It seems that the new aero produces the same boost threshhold of the older wheel with more power. The old 3071 performed similarly to the 76 since they had the same turbine wheel.
I would like to see as well though for the file, but that's just my prediction.
The GTX aero doesn't improve spool-up, per se. The idea was to make a higher flowing, more efficient wheel in the same size package as the older GT stuff.

However, you could improve spool if you look at it slightly differently. If you had a "regular" GT3076R, and replaced it with the GTX3071R you would have a 5mm smaller wheel...hence faster spool-up.

And, you get the same / slightly higher max flow. And higher compressor efficiency, leading to lower charge-air temps, hence higher midrange torque and the ability to run more timing.

You'd also get better transient response too (which doesn't show up on a map or dyno graph). Cruising along at part throttle, if you go to WOT immediately, the turbo will respond faster and you'll get more torque "on demand."
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