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Originally Posted by Dex View Post
Hell yes.

I doubt Ford will step on their spoon with this one. I'm guessing it will be pretty bad ass. Smaller and with independent rear suspension, they are off to a good start. I'd love to see a i5T, V6, 5.0, and big block offered. They offer 4 different engines for the F150, why not jazz it up for the Stang too?

Hyundai had a decent start with the Genesis coupe, but I don't really know how well they are selling. In any event, if they have any hope of competing with entry level Mustang sales in 2014, they better step it up a lot.
Why I5T? if the cylinder pitch is anything like the other engines, that instantly makes it the longest engine under that hood.

5-cylinders irks me anyway. It is not divisible by 4 cycles or 3, one of the least common divisors of 360 degrees of revolution, nor 2, so pistons cannot counter-balance each other.

What is the big advantage of a 5-cylinder, over either an I4 or an I6? Maybe reduced length for transverse applications that would have trouble fitting an I6 sideways. (BMW motorcycles can fit a transverse I6 without grinding it on the road, so that is becoming less of an issue)

I4 turbo has a history with Mustang in the 80s, as does I6 from the beginning. V6s have replaced I6s for the most part, because they are less lengthy than I6 longitudinal engines.

Mustang has no I5 history. Ford has an EcoBoost 4, and an Ecoboost twin-turbo V6. Why would they pull an I5 out, when they have those, and a good NA Ti-VCT 3.7 V6 with good economy, AND over 300hp.

IRS and a less bulky body might just be enough to bring me back to being a Mustang Fanatic, like I was in high-school, before Mustang languished through the late 90s.

The first car I ever bought for myself was a fox mustang. A close relative has a 2005 Mustang convertible now.

But I would buy a Subaru competitor to the Mustang V6, with a 3.6 H6 and AWD, in a HEARTBEAT over a RWD mustang, because I wouldn't have to put it away in the winter, and drive something else, like my relative does, and like I already do with my RWD Miata.

But a nice 300+hp Mustang convertible with IRS and a lot less bulk might replace the Miata, if the Miata doesn't improve measurably over the competent, but bland NC Miata.

I need to replace the SVX long before the Miata needs replacement, but the Miata probably won't last forever. 2015 would make the Miata I have 16 model years old... maybe time for pampered-classic status, rather than one of the daily-drivers in fair weather.
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