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This a terrible thread jack, turboman38. In the future it would behoove you to make your own thread asking your own questions.

Originally Posted by turboman38 View Post
Ok, I have read this entire thread.

Couple things I came up with and I have questions about. First is the warranty issue. There are two important statements about this and I know it depends on the dealer:
1)If you re-flash with a non-stock map and have a stock downpipe the dealer shouldn't deny the warranty.
2)There is no counter on the ECU that keeps track of how many times the ECU was flashed. You can re-flash back to stock and the and disconnect the battery and the dealer should never know that you ever flashed the ECU.

Are these two statements correct?

3) I have a 2005 LGT with an AVO TMIC on it. This should fit on my new 2011 WRX and solve the stock TMIC end tank issue ...Is that correct?

I have an SPT exhaust from the factory on my 2011 WRX.
4) If I put a high flow catted downpipe on it can I flash to a stage two map? In other words is this considered stage two for a WRX?

5)If I put an aftermarket downpipe on it then the dealer may void the warranty, Correct?

6)If I put the AVO TMIC on and a highflow down pipe, what kind of boost can I run safely and what kind of HP and torque numbers should I see with a pro tune? Most importantly will this void the warranty?

7)I know this is off subject but the dealer told me that the 2011 WRXs come with synthetic oil? Is this true? Do I need to continue to use synthetic?

Thanks and have a great day!
1) Typically correct.
2) Correct.
3) According to this, yes.
4) Yes. I have this setup using a Cobb OST map.
5) Depends. Do yourself a favor and read up on the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. They can only deny your warranty if that part caused a failure.
6) If it's not an OTS map then you must find a local tuner and ask them about numbers since they will be doing the tune. If you are adding those mods but still worrying about warranty you're doing it wrong.
7) Yes they come from factory with synthetic, the dealer will put synthetic in it, and you should keep synthetic in it.

Extra credit: Read more. All the above answers are on this forums. U just gotta search.
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