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Originally Posted by skrewbaru02 View Post
My car is pretty modified, and already has a protune. I was looking into getting an accessport though. Do they make one that has maps allowing the car to use the modifications to their potential? The car is an 02 bugeye with vf39 turbo, BOV(50/50), sti pink injectors, walbro 255 fuel pump, full exhaust (up-pipe/downpipe), intake, and clutch upgrade. As of right now it runs 17psi and supposedly puts down about 270whp, is there a map that will get me anywhere close to that?
We do have a map for just those mods for a bugeye WRX. That said, a ProTune will usually net you a bit more midrange hp and torque, but we do have an OTS map that will work with your mods on your car exactly.

Originally Posted by Nimbus09 View Post
i was running the cobb ots hwg stage 2 map on my car and it was knocking. even the plain stage 2 ots cobb map was knocking when it was hotter out.

took the cobb downpipe off and flashed back to stage 1 ots and not a single knock event.

not all ots tunes are created equal. log, log, log! it is your friend.
It's hard to say why a car will knock without seeing logs and other factors like the overall health of the vehicle/sensors etc. For every vehicle that has the kinds of issues you are describing there are many more that don't.

That said, logging is always a good idea, it can tell us how well, or not, a car is running. We use it every day to diagnose issues or even to put fears to rest!

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