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Originally Posted by DemonWRX11 View Post
First off... Don't shoot! I know this brake info gets some of you rather heated.

I am planning on upgrading my pads and fluid but keeping stock rotors (for now) and calipers (also for now). I will be going with DOT 4 fluid, but am not sure about pads yet. I am also wanting pads that are quiet with low dusting, but that perform well as I do drive, well, I will say quick

I have read that the Napa Autoparts Ultra Premium Ceramic pads (which are made by Raybestos) are really good pads which offer good bite, low noise and dust, and don't ware rotors excessively. What are the opinions around here? How do they rate compared to the Hawk pads mentioned above or the pads made by EBC?
If you are looking for bite, then ceramic pads are definitely not the way to go. Hawk Performance Ceramics give up just about the least bite, but that's about it. EBC's are generally very low quality pads. Sometimes they work OK and other times they don't. And that is if you stick to the same compound!

On fluid, there are huge variables in brake fluid, other than just "DOT4". Generally speaking, you get what you pay for. The more expensive fluids are denser, have less trapped moisture, are bottled in dry nitrogen (instead of atmospheric air), are less compressible and have higher actual field boiling points.

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