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sounds like you got a real hokey remote start setup!

installing alarms isn't your day job? i would have said don't quit your day job.. but i think i've changed my mind...hahaha j/k...

all kidding aside, for us normal people...

1) Installing a proper Hood Pin for a remote start system is a must, you don't want to be wrenching in your vehicle when someone 'accidentally' initiates your remote start feature

2) Use a temporary clutch bypass method when you remote start a manual tranny, don't just disable it! Though it doesn't really matter if your clutch is bypassed since it only unlocks the starter. Tricking your ECU's Neutral Safety by feeding it an improper ground signal isn't a good thing!

3) If you're planning on tapping the ECU's Neutral Wire to the Remote Start system with a Hood Pin... be sure to diode isolate it. You are basically allowing your ECU to be suceptible for invalid ground signal to the ECU! And your ECU can be fried if someone were to zap your vehicle with a stun gun... laugh but car alarms have been disabled by a stun gun!

People have already fried their neutral position switch already ... obviously, the Remote Start can't tell for sure if your vehicle is in gear b/c there's no ground signal anymore! You should at least test your remote start every so often in gear to see if the Neutral Switch is functioning.

4) If your remote start device needs to see a ground signal first before it will remote start, you can use the parking brake switch as well. Though it's not fool proof but it won't remote start without the parking brake engaged. Also use a diode, just in case the remote start sends a ground signal through this wire as well. If needed an additional Toggle Switch to go inline between the parking brake switch and the remote start wire will allow you to disable the remote start feature for vehicle servicing etc...

Proper installation is a must!


Originally posted by idealrides
Hummm.... my car already thinks I'm pressing the clutch all the time so whats wrong with it thinking I'm in gear??

Nevertheless using a diode would be the proper thing to do when merging two circuits like this but I don't have a hood pin switch so I think I'm all set! Thanks for the info though.
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