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netZ, I guess you're the kind of person who comes to a complete stop at a stop sign in the middle of the night when nobodys around... as for me I'm <singing along> LIVIN ON THE EDGE!!!

Just to let you know I am not advocating people follow my unsafe setup, but since you jokingly attacked my workmanship I thought I'd explain myself...

I decided not to install a hood switch because I want to be able to start my engine with the hood open, for example between spraying degreaser and rinsing off my engine bay I like to start the engine without having to get in my car. Of course this isn't the safest setup but if I want to disable the remote start when working on the engine I just leave a door open. Keep in mind the "door open" disable only works on certain remote starters.

I highly recommend a temporary clutch bypass for cars that are lent out to friends, and for absent minded owners. I am not absent minded and I don't lend my car out to people who don't know how to drive it. So as a convenience I like to be able to reach in and start the car without having to push the clutch, for one reason or another I actually do this a lot more than I thought I would. For people that have a dumb girlfriend or sibling that drives their car, I certainly would install a relay to prevent this.

Now If someone uses a stun gun on my car, I don't see how a diode on my neutral sensor wire will do anything to help prevent the shock from getting into my ECU since the neutral sensor has no output when the ignition is off, and because she'd be in neutral anyway. And if all hell broke loose and my ECU were to see a neutral when I wasn't actually in neutral, what would go wrong? Nothing!

People have already fried their neutral position switch already? Now thats what I call hokey pokey!!
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