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Dexterous, Figu,

This is a pretty straight forward and reasonable setup if you have the application! I insist on asking what your primary motivations were for choosing B-Line? Clearly the top-mount brackets are the only thing unique to this package as dexterous stated below. He also mentioned he didn't want to take the time with custom fabrication, which certainly understandable. I guess I'm getting at, is really not just going with a complete custom setup best? I need to price all this stuff and I would be nice to re-post those for the sake of others, but it is difficult to see what the "appropriate" application is here. Supposedly B-Line is a reliable company and sounds like it is working well for the both you. My 02 AWD Drift WRX build is going to require some power down the road and this is one area that I feel is subject to a WIIIDE range possibilities involved with oil cooling. So if I choose another option, what are your opinions on this? I will take your advice dex and talk with BAT, but I'm concerned. I need an unshakable product and it seems that having the cooler further back is better than running everything from the bumper. But to cut to the chase top-mount takes the risk out of smashing it to pieces in a crash!!! Oh nooos. I'm frustrated, yada yada ya... it all makes since though as long as you two think the results are in outstanding comparison to say a water/oil cooler radiator setup or front-mount setup. It just seems so clean and lowers the risk factor. I have to replace my oil pan and this is just annoying, I don't want to do this right now. Oil cooler education pleeeaase?

Originally Posted by dexterous View Post

The kit retails for $565 but I was able to get it through a vendor here on Nasioc for $500 shipped plus and extra $25 for the upgrade to a thermostatic sandwich adapter. The only part of the kit that is 100% exclusive to B-Line are the custom mounting brackets. If you wanted to fab up the brackets your self you could easily save a few bucks by getting all the items from

....I was able to return both the sandwich adapters I got from B-Line, all the -8 AN fittings, hose etc so I ended up keeping ONLY the Setrab cooler and the custom brackets. In return, they "upgraded" me to all -10 AN hoses, fittings for a marginal fee equal to the sale price difference less the cost of the thermostatic sandwich adapter that I originally purchased. Even though the experience was far from perfect, I am impressed with the customer service at B-Line.

After receiving everything, I removed the factory heat exchanger and did a more or less custom install (didn't follow the B-Line instructions at all) using the new -10 AN hardware and the MOCAL adapter. The picts and the video do a pretty good job of showing what I ended up with and how I ran the lines.

Cliff notes:

The standard B-Line top mount kit has insufficiently sized hoses and a low quality sandwich adapter that causes low oil temps and excessive oil pressure drop. Upgrading to the -10 AN line option and using a high quality MOCAL sandwich adapter (sourced elsewhere) makes the kit just about perfect. The center coupler needed to attach an aftermarket oil sandwich adapter directly to the block is Subaru part number 15018AA050.
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