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Something is seriously wrong here based on those logs. Your DAM has dropped to 0.38 and the ECU is still attempting to pull timing. What is this history of this car? Did it have prior mods? Was it bought used?

A stage 1 map is not going cause the issue you are seeing. Likely you have the same problem on the stock map.

On older cars, when there's this kind of issue, barring previous engine damage, it could be a bad MAF sensor or front o2 sensor. Usually, after a good bit of driving, you'll see unusual corrections in your long-term fuel trims if this is the case. If it has been awhile since you reflashed a map, reset the ECU or disconnected the car's battery, check out the current A/F Learning 1 A, B, C, D values via the AccessPORT and report back.

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