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Thanks for your help. I am currently running stage 1 93 octane. The car has no mods as of right now, but what i was saying was I'm not sure if the previous owners had done anything to it internally before selling it; someone had to of been in there because the restrictor pill was in the wrong hose, unless that's the dealerships way of keeping boost down while people test drive it.
So, I did the wide open throttle run in 3rd gear up to 6300, as usual around 4500 it started bucking, almost like it was getting deprived of fuel. Right when i reached 6300, a treacherous grinding sound came from the front end, so i quickly threw it into neutral. I also smelled what smelt like metal on metal only for a second, so i put it into 5th and it ran fine all the way home.


Cruising home in 5th

Your help is much appreciated.
Something is seriously wrong with the car. Your DAM is at 0 in the logs which means there either quite a few knock events during even moderate driving, your motor is on its way out (and the resulting noise is picked up by knock sensor), or there something loose in the engine bay that the knock sensor is picking up.

Definitely do not do anymore aggressive driving.

I would start with a compression/leak-down test and go from there. If you have any kind of coverage from the dealership on this used car, keep in mind that they are not going to care about what any logs say (in fact they may deny any warranty claim if they know you modified the ECU).

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