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Originally Posted by Phil_Dunphy View Post
Yeah I thought 2000 rpms seemed low but was instructed to log starting there and I never bog the engine during regular or spirited driving at other times. I will log a few more runs starting at 2500. Also on the AccessPort how do I make sure Intake Temperature is on the log along with the others?
Not a big deal if you are doing it for logs only. Where it is a concern is, for example, where you are in the higher gears and are going WOT at or below 2000 RPM. In those cases, downshifting would be a very good idea.

You can add/delete monitors that are logged via the Monitor -> Set Data Log List option on the AccessPORT. Keep in mind that the more you log, the slower logging will be and the ECU will top responding past a certain point. Generally, there shouldn't be a need to log IAT during a WOT run - just check it before and after the run if it is a concern.

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