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Originally posted by mattjk
Not true, dp is not causing the problem, I have a TXS
downpipe with no cats and I'm getting boost creep
with my VF22. A free'r flowing exhaust is just going to
make the problem worse. The internal wastegate port
being too small on the IHI turbos is the problem.

My boost creep goes from 10.5psi up to 13.3psi
at 6500rpm. This is with no boost controller at all,
the solenoid is connected directly to the turbo outlet

This sucks because my goal was to run only 12psi...
I guess I'll have to get a re-flash and bigger injectors.

As a side note, I started getting boost creep when I
change my 2.5" rear muffler to a full 3".

Yep I've noticed this on a few setups. Perhaps porting the stock wastegate will help a little.
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