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the cams themselves are very inexpensive. I think 'bout half the price of Cobb's maybe. According to Yoshio, they are more aggressive than Cobb's stage 1... but not as much as their stage 2, and they're still turboable. 'course all of this is straight from the horse's mouth. There's a coupla dyno charts floating 'round somewhere. Last I heard 17+ peak. run over to to check it out. My car FEELs fast.. whether it IS fast or not.. I have notta clue. Since installing it my car has never been in "peak form" due to one reason or another. Whether it may be a fatty exhaust leak, winter tires, slipping clutch (now) this or that. Hopefully everything will be resolved in 1 month come spring time. Exhaust leak will be fixed, CEL light gone, new clutch. If it means anything.. the car pulled to rev-limiter in fifth with two people, and all MY worldly possession. (I was moving cross country from LA to Ohio). Of course, my car has no spoiler so I dunno how valid that is.

Only thing that I'm hesitant to say 'bout J-A is though.. their customer service absolutely sucks. Unless, I guess you live in Toronto. However, if ur NOT a Canuck of the Ontario area.. ur SOL. I drove to there (four hours ish) to get it installed by him. After getting it done (with new gaskets, plugs, and supposedly everything proper) I attempted to drive home (four hours late, because he took an extra day + hours to finish it) JUUUSt when I was getting to the Us/Canadian border.. BOOM! The motor blows up. At least one timing belt tensioner pulley or something failed.. timing belt gone.. freshly installed cams spinning freely... "forcibly" inserting my valves through piston heads bending some valves in the process. Result? new shortblock + rebuilt head + three months w/o my precious baby + ~1000 for shipping fees (long story). Yoshio's reaction.. and I quote. "You cannot prove that I did this." Well.. granted that English is NOT his first language and that might be the result of his lack of eloquence, but you get the point. Fact of that matter is he shirked his responsibility. Literally 2 hours after he finished installing the cams, my motor blows up because something he/his mechanics DIRECTLY touched. And it isn't his fault? You decide. In any case.. if you wanna see pix of the carnage, search this forum. look for my name.. cams.. 'bout last april/may. they're grisly to look at.

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