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Originally Posted by MrSaabaru View Post
I don't think they cross shopped the two. While I agree that they could have priced it better with a blindfold and some darts, I don't think it was that far off from what it tried to do, design-wise. It was never supposed to be a performance vehicle. At least not in the way people consider the Vette. I don't think 0-60 times of 5.7 seconds(according to a quick google) and a decent 6spd manual is bad at all for a niche truck like that. Weekend cruiser, convertible fun, whatever you want to call it, the SSR was never supposed to be a sports car, or for those who want pure performance, any more that it was supposed to be a pickup truck with a usable bed.
You're ignoring the question here though. Besides (subjective) looks, why would you purchase an SSR over 'vette? That's my point and that's likely why this car was the failure that it was. It didn't do anything better than the 'vette, cost just as much and had a modicum of the performance.

I really don't see how anything in this part couldn't apply to BOTH cars, with the only difference being that you like one and not the other, while I like both.
I don't really like either of them to be honest. But in my opinion, you got more for your money with the SSR than you did the Prowler. At the very least, the SSR had a V8. IIRC, Prowlers were in the same $45k ballpark that the SSR was in, for a car that looked cool with an anemic V6 from one of Chrysler's mid sized sedans. If it had been priced, say, $10k lower, that would have been forgiveable. However, when you start charging 'vette money for one, it's a whole different story.
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