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I can't say I am surprised, but I just REALLY hope it isn't it for the rotary engine.

RX8 was a limbo car, between two worlds. not fully practical like a sport sedan and such, nor not fully light weight and truly gorgeous like a sports car.

I am still jonesin' for a mid-engined rotary sports car. Something akin to a Lotus that I can fit in, with a high-RPM, high specific output, and low-weight and good mass centralization.

The Mazda Furai is still an awesome concept, even without considering it's swoopy skin.

As big a boxer fanatic as I am... for a dedicated track car, that sees no real traffic-slogging day to day, if I were to build a FactoryFive 818 kind of car like that, I would put a rotary and a Porsche transaxle in that sort of a car. Not that the Subaru boxer is a bad choice for it at all... but a rotary as a sport/race engine is very hard to beat on technical merits, and the practical limitations fade far into the background by not being a daily stop-and-go slogger, and worried about every-day fuel mileage.
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