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Originally Posted by aschen View Post
I get it, but there are too many other compromiseses to make it worthwhile.

Its a shame its a really neat 4 door chasis, wishbones and space for big tires. I wonder if the v6 from the mustang will fit under the hoodline. Time for mazda to do some partsbin engineering from thier corporate partners.

I apreciate thier dedication to rotard purists. It is amazing actually, but misguided. Even porsche ditched the air cooled motor more than a decade ago.
LOL, I would hardly consider myself a 'purist'. I could say the same thing about AWD fanboi's, because there are plenty of them around here. But just like AWD, the rotary has its place in specific applications. Is it any more misguided than spending the money on an AWD car to drive around Houston (or a convertible - you and I both know what the weather is like here)?

As I've stated before in other posts, I can count more things I don't like about the rotary than I do, and I was kitty's hair away from actually doing a LSx swap myself (at the point where I was actually on the phone ordering a LS1 from Dallas 5 years ago), but when it comes to application in a light weight, fun to drive car, the rotary really shines.

People really, really don't get how tiny it is, and how it can be packaged into a car. Keep in mind the alternator sits basically in front of and above the block, where all the mass is. This is an FD of course, but remove the custom twin turbos and replace the upper intake manifold with a composite one, and you have the size of the Renesis. In a traditional piston engine, you'd still have the valve train, heads, etc sitting where the intake manifold is.

I'd bet the engineers could push a NA rotary (without turbos hanging off the side, etc) further back under the firewall if they got creative.

To be honest, the only place I see a rotary being properly utilized is in a Miata or 1st gen RX7 sized, RWD sports car, weighing 2500lbs or so. Considering that reports are saying they've got the 16x to make around 275hp with around 20% improved economy - coupled with the lighter chassis - the main drawbacks of the rotary should be considerably lessened. Lucky for me, this is exactly the kind of car I'm waiting for.
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