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Originally Posted by CUNNINGHAM View Post
Will you just shut up and get a clue! I can't take it anymore.

Individuals such as yourself on these forums have no idea what it takes to build a quality car let alone one of this magnitude. The above Camaro has half the electronics and technology this GT-R has not to mention it isn't even close to a streetable cruiser. Yes it can be driven on the street but where are you going with a car show at the local hang out? The car wouldn't last five minutes on the Hot Rod Tour, if you even know what that is. Yes there are other wonderful cars out there we all know this. I think you failed to notice that they were posting the fact that AMS has built the first 8.0 Sec GT-R.......that is it! They didn't make any other claims like they built a car that beat the space shuttle.
Posts like yours are why I don't come on here this often. They fill the Forums with such useless garbage that true enthusiasts have to spend hours weeding through a bunch of disrespectful, false claiming, and useless filth. Have fun hangin wit your boyz in the parking lot talkin about how sweet and fast yo whip is along with your fantasies about going fast.

Sorry AMS to vent on your post. I am just tired of this nonsense. I normally wouldn't do this and in this case I am no better than them but I have just lost it.
FIRST OFF, you are a moron.

I guess you missed this part of their first post?
In addition, the 60-130 time record was broken again with a 3.34 second blast from 60-130mph!! This makes the AMS Alpha 12 GT-R the fastest recorded street car to date from 60-130 mph!!!

So clearly, their claim has been beaten, and UGR is the one that did it with a validated run of 3.04 seconds...

I never ONCE even mentioned the Camaro in the other post above. And your points made about that car do not apply AT ALL to the Gallardo. These UGR Lambos are running strong on highways all over the country, and most of these times are set on public roads on street tires. So WTF are you talking about????

The fact is I've been following the 60-130 times of power cars over on SIXSPEED for years, and the one-upmanship is quite entertaining. It's pretty funny when UG Racing can go out and knock a third a second off the record on a whim. Against some VERY STOUT competition like Switzer and AMS, both top shelf outfits.

You can read all about the competition HERE:

I'm not making fun of anybody, just enjoying the competition and egging on the competitors. I can't wait to see what AMS can do at the Texas Mile when they upgrade the final drive on this GTR... It'll likely be the fastest GTR ever in the mile.

So rather than spray your idiotic vitriol at somebody who admires both these companies, why don't you take your head out of your ass and ACTUALLY READ AND COMPREHEND what is posted?


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