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Originally Posted by Syrius78 View Post

I run a ap stage 1 91 octane on my wrx 11

So far everything as been sweet. Lunch control as been set to 3500 rpm so I won't go too far while I'm stopped.

My problem is today, I was at a light, I press the gas a little too hard while I'm at a complete stop and the car rev pass 5000

My question is, how can I be sure what map I run if the Cobb it not connect to the car. I know the ap add power ( about 10%) but for everyday is some what subtle.

I really don't what to have any cable floating around in my car. So I won't ever leave it connect

Thanks for the input
You can view the current reflash and realtime maps via the Tune -> Show Current Map menu on the AccessPORT.

Keep in mind that launch control will not be active if the clutch is out. So, if you were in neutral and had the clutch out, it will not come into play.

Also, your LC and FFS thresholds set via the AccessPORT can be reset to the default if you reflash a new map, reset the ECU via AccessPORT or disconnect the car's battery. The default RPM thresholds for our OTS maps is to disable both of these features. If this happens because you performed any of the above operations, simply go back into the AccessPORT and change your LC and FFS thresholds to what you desire.

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