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Originally Posted by Syrius78 View Post
I test drive it and here what i've done

I reflash the stage 1 91 map, then i change the lunch control to 3500 rpm and press ok. Then i shut down the car, unplug the AP. I start the car, remove the parking brake, put the car in 1st gear, the clutch pedal is on the floor, and i tap the gas. I went to 5000 rpm right away.

I don't understand why it's not working.

When the ap is connected to the car, no problem with lunch control, it's working fine.

Do you have any idea?
When you reflash a map, reset the ECU or disconnect the car's battery, you will have to start the car first before setting the LC/FFS thresholds with AP. It is only that first start after doing any of the above operations. Otherwise, you can set the LC/FFS thresholds at any time with AP with the engine on or off. The AP does not have to be connected for LC/FFS to work.

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