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Originally Posted by atrodger View Post
I have a live draft this Saturday. QB, WR WR, RB RB, Flex, TE, K, D/ST. I've been making a ranked spreadsheet for both RB and WR. My TE and QB choices I'm going to play by ear (If I can pick up Vick or Rogers lat first round, I will). D and K, I'll pick up the last two rounds.
I posted this in the other thread, but I guess I'll x-post it here:

It's the projected point total for QBs using ESPN's projections and their scoring system (yes, rushing stats are included too). Here's the same graph for RBs:

In 1 QB leagues it's pretty foolhardy to get a top tier QB as the drop offs in RBs is significant until you get to a tier at the 10-16 level. By the end of the 2nd round, usually 15 RBs have been taken, often more. You always want to be optimizing your points per game potential. If you can wait 8 rounds and sacrifice 3 PPG on your QB (#2 QB 280 points = 17.5 ppg, #10 QB 230 points = 14.5 ppg) or draft a QB early and sacrifice 2 PPG on your RBs for that 1 round, it's a pretty clear choice.

Good enough strategy? What do ya'll do to prepare for live drafts?
Get comfortable drafting. Mocks are great. I really like offline drafts over live drafts, even if you're just drafting over skype or AIM or whatever. Ideally you want to track not only who you've taken, but who everyone else has taken. 4th draft slot in a 12 team league and you dont' have a TE, but everyone else does except for the 1st and 2nd slot guys? Well, don't draft it now, you have 16 picks until anyone would consider taking a TE again. Draft a good backup WR or RB.

Unfortunately the 90 second clock in online drafts is a blessing and a curse. It moves the draft along very quickly, but it KILLS the ability to strategize while tracking everyone else's moves.

Originally Posted by atrodger View Post
So is it bad form to use my cell phone to check individual player status while drafting live?
Absolutely not.

Originally Posted by doubledribble View Post
nope...friends used ipads during our draft...i walked in with a 1 page printout.
I'm a stats nerd, so I typically have my custom draft excel sheet that tells me who I should draft (doesn't explicitly say that, but gives me all the information I need in a snapshot view), an ESPN window, the league window with the league rules open (PPR? Flex spots? 2 QBs? Make sure you can double check really quickly), and the draft lobby.

Hell, for my offline auction draft where I"m the commish, I have 1 laptop in dual monitor mode with my screen showing my excel sheet and the second screen hooked up to a projector displaying everyone that's been drafted and for much much $. Then my other laptop is at my side for all the ESPN/League info stuff.

I'm waaaaay on the far end of the fantasy nerd spectrum though. For people new to the game, LESS IS MORE. If you saw all my stuff you'd get insanely confused and not know what to do. Having 1 list in front of you and a sharpie is the best idea 98% of the time.
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