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Originally Posted by WRX Shenanigans View Post
Matt, I have never seen such a WR lop-sided team ever! You have to make a trade or too for a decent RB and then you will have quite the team. I'm sure with that many good WR's off the board you have some serious trade bait there.
I took a different approach to this league this time. My draft strategy was two-fold (especially with drafting last): Get as many star players on productive offenses, before concentrating on filling positions; even if that meant holding out on RBs. I somehow managed to get 3 of the top 5 WRs in the NFL and with all the flex positions in our league, I think it will work out well.

I'm ok with my two starting RBs. Blount is only improving as a pass receiver and Fred Jackson is a solid 10 pt performer every week and that might even go up now that CJ Spiller is the dedicated 3rd down guy.

The RB slot is a ****ing mess this year. Half of the top 10 RBs are either drama queens, fighting injury, or last year's performance was a fluke. MJD and Foster aren't 100%, C Johnson's hold out might finally end today but he won't be in prime condition, McFadden won't repeat, etc. My top 3 RBs this year, in order, would be #1 Peterson, a very close second Charles, and Rice at third- There are no surprises with these guys. The rest of the RB field seems equally tiered as to where you are going to get similar performances out of the largest part of the pack.

If I was in your position for week 1:

1) Benson- Cincy's pass offense needs to be sorted out and it will come over time. Meanwhile, Benson will be a big producer just by the amount of touches he is going to have. I don't know if you heard but he got 20 days in the clink for his misdemeanors. The sentence starts in mid-October on the Monday of the Bengals bye-week. I'd go with him over Dangelo even with lop-sided run matchup of Arizona. Williams is still sharing the work load.

2) Plaxico- Guy looks like he's back to play. You've got him on your roster on two teams which can be somewhat problematic. Start him week 1 in one of the leagues at least. I think I'd actually sit Dez Bryant and play Buress. Dallas' defense still looks like poop.

3) Hightower- Remember how Hamsterstyle got so mad last year when I dumped MJD for hightower and someone else I can't remember? Hightower put up a higher avg of points for the 1st 10 wks last year and he will do much much better in WAS. I like him over Tomlinson and Barber for sure.
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