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Originally Posted by jms View Post
I have always been the 'best player available' drafter. The other owners have always been steadfast to the rankings during my time in the league (14th year), only recently slowly switching their own draft process to going for the best available player. With the rest of the competition now changing philosophy, I want to stay ahead of the lot. So I have been doing mock drafts across the net for the past month trying to shake out how things might go. It sucks that I am mock drafting against randoms who dont have the same scoring system that my league does.

With heavy weight towards QBs who throw 3+ TDs a game, I am thinking I may get lucky to get someone at 2/12 or 3/1 (perhaps later at 4/12 or 5/1) who can equal what Vick can do from a points perspective. The only tradition I am holding onto a little too steadfastly is the need for a RB that doesnt split much time. Thats why I am leaning towards AP at 1/1.

The scoring in this league is pretty ****ed up, and I want to take advantage of any opportunity I can to get players who are potenitally well-suited to the scoring. Which is why Vick is tempting.

My draft position doesnt make things any easier. Its gonna suck having to wait 22 picks before I get to go
Hmm.. Take AP and pass on the QB @1/1. Especially Vick. Phily's line looks terrible and he is no longer playing for a job.

If I was picking 2/12 and dead-set on a QB... options will be out there. Brees & Rivers are just under that range, you could get lucky. Rothesburger has been going about 28ish from what I've seen, which means he'll be there, but you risk over-paying. I don't know how comfortable you are with Peyton and his injury but he falls about spot-on where you'll be picking. You could either snag him then another in rd 6-8 just in case you need him covered for the first few weeks, or take a different position.
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