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Originally Posted by Alex05sti View Post
looks good, i just wonder how it will take brake dust
Originally Posted by moose00015 View Post
I doubt it will last very long...good luck
Originally Posted by AZ11hatch View Post
Nice. Very Darth Vader. Hope it lasts for you!
Originally Posted by 02boxer View Post
I don't see the point to painting with rubberized spray that will rub off with ones thumb. Seems like either a misguided attempt at doing something different or a colossal waste of time
Originally Posted by sc00by4life View Post
It's going to look horrible by the end of the month. Again...plastidip is NOT for wheels.
Originally Posted by Down_Shift View Post
plastidip?? you should've just used rustoleum or whatever rattle can stuff.

plastdip is not durable. Atleast when it starts getting ugly, you can just powerwash it off.
Originally Posted by fenderpicks View Post
I must say u spend alotta time on using the plasticdip and must wasted like 10 cans lol?
But its true the wheels is not going to last long... should have spray painted it gold rather than plastidip... if i were to ever spray paint mine...

But even other spray paint out there is not that good... including rustoleum and other stuff, basically i think anything sprays out from a can will not last...
Because when u drive rocks and crap will hit ur rims and like make wherever the rock touched a different color spot, and what r u going to do about that when it turns ugly...?
Originally Posted by Da-Risin-Smoke View Post
Plasti-dip is rubber, therefore, if it gets dirty, it'll look like ass and will be a bitch to clean off.
Fortunately, you can just peel it right off. Which it will, without you touching it.

If you want a good look, use actual paint with prep. Time exerted=results achieved

I've said this many times in other threads, Plasti-Dip is for interior only, not exterior!
I don't understand; Plasti-Dip is not some magical paint that's good for everything; I've discovered it's ONLY good for interior plastics.

What's next, spray on Plasti-dip condoms?
All of you are dumbasses. No, wait, all of your parents are dumbasses for raising you so badly. Read his initial post. He said it's only temporary to see how it will look. Jesus. What a country we have.

At the OP, do you have trouble seeing at night with 35%? I'm thinking of going with 40%.

As for the blackout, I'd leave the trim around the windows chrome. Since your car is already dark, removing that chrome makes the car look cheaper to me, like a base model. But I'd black out the fender emblem instead. Also, I'd not leave the chrome ring around the rim exposed, but that's just me. To me, it looks like a fake 2-piece wheel. It might be less "poser" to just color the whole rim black in my opinion.

Also, consider removing the door bumpers. I did it to my WRX, and to me the car looks a lot cleaner and smoother with less unnecessary lines. But we forewarned. Removing them was a royal PITA. And you'll have to polish out the scratches with rubbing compound and rewax the doors. Took me several hours for two days to get my doors perfect, but I like them a lot better now.
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