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Originally Posted by MrSaabaru View Post
^^^But the question is 'why' not how.
Why is because a laser source would provide just as many lumens as you could need in a smaller, more versatile, lower-heat, lower energy-demand package, with more focus versatility, that is not as hard to package as an LED array with enough emitters to be equally bright, with each individual LED emitter having to be optically focused, and the whole array cooled.

Take a look at the hardware that goes into an R8 5.2 LED headlight. There is all kinds of air cooling management, because they are driving a relative few headlight-beam LED emitters pretty hard, and they generate a significant amount of heat. If not managed, they will degrade under that heat load.

With laser, there may be only one or two emitters per headlight, not dozens to even over 100 LED emitters for equivalent performance.

And a solid-state electrical laser emitter would theoretically be as vibration resistant, and lifetime-of-the-car durable as LEDs, and less heat and easier to focus than a HID source.

It may be expensive, but economies of scale will reduce that, and not having to replace it regularly will also mitigate some of that.
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