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Although I've been using the same couple Subaru R160 LSD's for many years now, I'm making enough torque that the design is pretty much at it's limits. I've overstuffed the preload washers by a hair over 1mm per side and changed the clutchpacks when they would loosen up and start to slip. This is a fairly costly and time intensive process for a budget DIY guy like myself. Here's the guts of the "old skool" Subaru LSD I'm using:

Note, just 4 plates per side....

4 spiders, and 2 way design.

What I'm running into now, is that I have plenty of preload. It's up to nearly 150lb/ft from the scant 60 lb/ft that it was in stock form. My locking force just seems to be lacking. With my car on slicks now, and making much more power than stock, It's painfully spinning the inside wheel(s) more than ever before, and I'm not really lifting them off the ground. The more I read about pressure ring ramp angles, I am curious if changing the angles on the accelleration side of the pressure ring openings to 60* will provide the extra lockup I'm looking for.

Loosely assembled spiders and pressure rings:

If I've been reading correctly, changing the angles to 60* will exert more mechanical leverage against the rings and provide more lockup force between the axles. I don't mind leaving the decelleration side alone, as the off throttle traits are just fine to me, and I'm quite used to how it reacts.

If any of the diff gurus smarter than me can offer some insight as to whether I'm on the right track, it would be most helpful.

Questions I'm looking at right now are:

Will changing the ramp angles actually provide for more lockup force?
Will I have to change the angle on the cross shafts to match the pressure rings?
Will the "longer" openings result in catastrophe?

None of this stuff is sufficiently covered in the gospel sticky I'm asking here, and will post results.

Jay Storm
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