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Originally Posted by mav1c View Post
Thing is, it's not just HR, or NoVA, or any other particular area. The WHOLE country sucks at driving because it's so damn easy to get a license. Everyone thinks its a right, not a privilege. Given, there are some exceptional retards and d-bags out there, but I would bet they're a retard and/or d-bag no matter what they're doing.
That is the truth. I grew up in Jersey, and have lived in Memphis, San Diego, Chicago, Bahrain (traffic laws?), Italy (traffic signs are suggestions), North East PA, Kuwait, Laredo( TX), and Virginia Beach. I've driven cross country too many times and even across Europe. Americans can not drive. But VA Beach makes LA, DC, NYC, Bmore, PA and Chicago all make sense. Although I have to admit, living here does make me fear NY plates. WTF are they on? They make Jersey drivers look sane.

Originally Posted by j4k3 View Post
I drive for 8 hours a day in a company billboard which keeps me from yelling, giving the finger, brake checking, and just generally putting someone into the wall. I know all about the ****ing morons in this area.
You, sir, are my hero. I don't know how you do it.

Originally Posted by ammodawg79 View Post
I have fit in well here. I am now a douchebag driver.

Sometimes if I see someone trying to cut over into an exit lane while it is a solid/double solid line, I will speed up to keep them out. Just because a blinker is on, doesn't mean you automatically are allowed over. 9 times out of 10 there is little to no traffic behind me. Get in line like everyone else or you have a choice, hit me or miss your exit.

If you ride the left lane and are going slower than ANYONE, you will be cut off and if that causes you to lose it and run off the road, so be it. Time for people to understand that the left lane on any road is for PASSING at a reasonable speed (passing at 1mph is not reasonable, step on the gas and then GTFO of the way).

State troopers can blow me. I think it is funny how the speed limit in VA is often 60+ on every road OUTSIDE of HR, leading me to think that they don't raise it because it nets a profit. People will cruise at 70 no matter what, so the only reason to NOT raise the limit is because +15 nets more money than +5. Hell, +5 wouldn't even warrant a ticket.

News flash morons, when it isn't HOV hours, the far left lane is not the HOV lane anymore. MOVE! Watch your clock and rear view. It is 0801? GTFO of the left ASAP.

When someone DOES allow you in, give the normal "wave" of thanks. Don't and I will probably call you an ******* and might cut you out for being a dick.

The worst part? I am being stationed in DC after this. FUUUUUUUU.......
It's funny, we do say thanks up in the Delaware Valley. These douchenozzle's can't be bothered. I DON'T OWE YOU S**T, *******, you're welcome. But seriously, people around here don't even know how to say thank you when someone holds the door open for them. I'm very vocal about that. I will call you out if you don't say thank you and if you're still an ass, I'll make you feel like ****. I only do it here because only here have I come to hate humanity so much.

I'm looking for jobs between DC and Philly. Lord only knows what's in store for me up there.

Philly FTW.
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