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Originally Posted by ZMANNH25rs View Post
A guy in my pool league is still using this phone, or one just like it, but at least this old if not older. He said he has never needed to switch, it's never broke, still takes a charge...we all call him Zac Morris but he doesn't get it...

Originally Posted by Davemeister View Post
My Jitterbug just came in the mail.

It's pretty hard for us older Americans to technology right.

doot doot doot

Originally Posted by WRX Shenanigans View Post
I actually have a smartphone as my work cell phone that I use all the time, but I actually still pay about $60 a month so I can retain my personal phone/ phone number because I don't want to give it up.

I wonder, will the phone company retain my number if I pay them a small monthly fee (say $10)? I want to be able to turn it back on in case my work takes away my smartphone privileges. Anyone know?

Oh, and the answer is about 8 years or so.

Why not just transfer your number to a Vonage or something like that and forward it to the work phone?

I actually do the opposite. Work provides me with a ****ty regular phone but I want to use my Droid and keep my number, so I call forward the work cell number to my Droid. If I'm on vacation and I don't want to receive work calls I just turn off the call forwarding.
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